Cobs, Dogs and a tennis ball

Nice long walk with Hendrix and Jonty this morning. We found some cob nuts, Hazel I think they are, one lot actually dropping off the tree right in front of us.
Others that we picked up showed signs of Squirrel activity so we only kept that bunch that fell at our feet to show Granny (Marlane). When we had shown her, must to Hendrix's delight, we put them on the wall at the side of our garden, as we often get squirrel visitors (don't tell Crispin25 that I'm encouraging squirrels, I'll be persona non grata!).
We also found a tennis ball, a Slazenger which I thought was a bit expensive to be used as a retrieval toy for a dog! Hendrix liked it so we also kept that too. He took a couple of toys with him, a giraffe and a little lego polar bear so with his new sunglasses as well there were frequent inventory checks on the way round. 
We walked for an hour in all but it's our last, official, day as Hendrix carers as Joanne has started her maternity leave and the home delivery kit has been delivered to their house. It's all very exciting.

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