To take the high road or the low road?

We got the bus to Land’s End. We sat upstairs at the front. It was terrifying. The roads were bendy, as we’re used to in the fens, but with the addition of hills. The bus’ engine whined and groaned up one hill. A downwards hill led to plummeting into a valley, green with trees, unless the bus managed a ninety degree turn to the left, swinging out across the whole width of the narrow road. Luckily, nothing was coming the other way, and it made it round.

Only the realisation that double-decker buses had made this route many times before kept me from convincing myself we’d be stranded or killed before we got there.

From Land’s End, we walked to Sennen Cove. On the approach, we took the high road, which turned out to be a mistake.

If we’d have taken the low road (shown in the photo), we’d have found the pub, and hence lunch, much sooner than we did. As it was, we took quite the detour but got a lovely view of the sea from up high.

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