We had a lovely day exploring today. I spent last night Googling and researching places to go on Instagram. They didn't disappoint!
We set off quite early and headed down to Gouville-sur-Mer for a run on the beach and a look at the beautiful colourful huts. Huge skies, endless sand, fishermen with tractors, sea holly in the dunes. It was fantastic!!
From there we went to Portbail to look at ruined boats in the sand and have lunch at a spectacularly pirate themed restaurant!! Moules frites for me finally!
Then we headed up to the top left hand corner of the peninsula. We had lots of fun and games on the journey trying to get petrol. We passed a couple of petrol stations as the gauge got lower and lower. Then we thought we'd better stop at the next one as it would get more remote.
We stopped at the next one but there was a police car and some kind of altercation with a car at one of the pumps so we thought it best to carry on.
There was another garage a few miles later just off a roundabout but by the time I pointed it out to Mr K we'd sailed on. 
By now the gauge was showing empty. The miles left go off when you get to about 20.
A few more miles and then panic was setting in. A Google search showed the nearest garage -  in the opposite direction that we were going in, of course!!
We got there - probably on fumes - and it was a proper mechanics garage and workshop with one pump in his yard.  But petrol's petrol even when it's about €20 more expensive than at all the other garages we passed and we were soon retracing our steps back to the Cap de la Hague.
It was spectacular. Once you passed the giant nuclear processing plant it turned into Devon!! We drove right down to the end of the road and looked at the lighthouse, and Guernsey which seemed so close you could touch it!
We parked up in an Aire near Goury overlooking the lighthouse and decided we'll definitely be staying here next time we come up. 
From there it was to our final stop of the day - Port Racine, the smallest harbour in France. I thought the pictures made it look amazing but it was a million times better in real life!! Absolutely stunning! The bluest, clearest water I've ever seen and a wonderful serene atmosphere in the late afternoon sunshine. We stayed for a couple of hours soaking it all in. The Little Misses had a lovely time playing on the rocks on the beach and were especially giddy to discover salt crystals forming in the drying rock pools.
Then it was time to come back to the campsite. The restaurant's closed on Tuesdays so we had to make do with yet more bread, cheese, celeriac remoulade, semolina, nachos, soured cream, brioche and pork pie. Food of the Gods!!!
See extras for some more of the day.

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