Noisy child!

Every time I drive past a particular lay-by near Achnacloich there are cars parked there and tourists taking pictures of the Highland cattle in the field. I often think that someone should tell them to drive down Glen Lonan, where the Highlanders will crowd on to the road, refuse to move and give endless opportunities for photography! 

This happened to me today - it's very tempting to nudge one on the backside with the car, but probably not a good idea! This calf was making a lot of noise - the rest of the herd was spread all around him!

I went to the polytunnel today to plant out the Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) and the Oca (Oxalis tuberosa) that I was given yesterday. As I'd planned to go to the Walled Garden too I thought it would be a good opportunity to dawdle through Glen Lonan on the single track road and approach Glencruitten from the other end, but after turning right at the junction I came across two cars which had come together in a passing place -  one had a wheel in the ditch and the other a badly scored side! Approaching from ahead was a breakdown truck so I had no option but to reverse all the way back to the junction and go the long way round and back into Glencruitten from the far side of Oban. 

So much for a short cut!

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