Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

This is the life

I mentioned in my blip yesterday that we had a clear day. We have so few days conducive to outdoor photography that you've got to capitalise on them, so before she went to bed last night, G said that if it was the same tomorrow, we should get out early to take pictures of the graffiti on Beach Road. I said, "OK!"

Despite not getting to bed until 2 am, my eyes still opened around 5:45 and I could see the sky was blue and clear, so I went over to let G know. We were out in fifteen minutes. It was so early, it helped that there weren't many other cars on the road. It also wasn't as hot or humid so we were able to drive with the windows down. Actually, that was quite necessary, as the lens would fog up if the inside of the car cooled down too much.

I have posted two collages which I created for G as extras as well as a picture she took of me standing by my favourite bit of graffiti. :) We stopped at our busy little cafe for Karak tea and egg parathas breakfast which we ate by the beach (that's where my blip is from).

On the way home, we stopped at Park 'n' Shop, an old shopping precinct loved by many over the decades. It is scheduled to be demolished, so the businesses there are packing up. G wanted to capture it before it disappears. On the last stretch home, we decided to wend our way through the Palace area. There are lots of peacocks there and G wanted to see what they were up to. One of them did an elaborate modelling session for her.

I had to catch up on some sleep when I got home. G went to visit Pauline for a cup of tea. We've been home for the rest of the day! A good end to the week here.

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