Border (on) Patrol

Bailey decided to head out of the house from his back doormat position to inspect the latest batch of sweet peas this evening. They smell lovely but he was more interested in the scents on the air once he had worked out what I was doing. 

It's been a warm day but the forecast rain has still not arrived. We've had a day of lots of visitors in school and the students off 'normal' timetable to consider a whole range of topics which they listen to much more closely when it is not one of their 'normal' teachers delivering the messages. There was also a careers fair with the popular attraction of two Border Patrol detector dogs. They made lots of friends today and the ex-student who was a part of their escort is doing very well. Six months on Border Patrol will be followed by a stint in the Scottish Office. 

A day with a great sense of purpose was followed by starting to shift some of the surplus paper in my office. I am moving out of it this year after I am not sure how long but only the necessary stuff is coming with me. 

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