Le Grand Tour de Bretagne - Jour 4

Moncontour, Brittany

Another hot sunny day. Considering we’re in Brittany, we’ve been so lucky with the weather...

First stop of the day: Moncontour, which we walked to from our campsite. A sleepy little village, full of ancient houses and alleyways, and a very friendly puss!

Second stop of the day: Quintin, like Moncontour, a walled town that made its fortune from the manufacture of “Breton” cloth, and a Petite Cité de Caractère. Wooden houses and colourful geraniums everywhere.

Third stop of the day: Abbaye de Beauport, a beautiful, peaceful spot for an evening stroll from our camp for the night, near Paimpol. Though it wasn’t so peaceful when they rang the church bells for mass at 7am the next morning!

(Fourth backblip. Thank you for all your recent kind stars, hearts and comments. Sorry not to be able to reply, WiFi and time are both in short supply...)

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