By amandoAlentejo


Went early to Lisbon to the small firm that installed our solar panels, with our inverter, which Mike had narrowed the problem down to. They lent us something to be going on with while they clean up and hopefully fix ours, should take around a week. Great relief when Mike connected it all up and it actually worked, hugely grateful

Much cooler in Lisbon, though quite hazy; that's the Vasco da Gama bridge from the bank of the Tagus where we walked for a bit before meeting a friend for lunch and haring back to Mourão.

- fans, water in our pipes, a fridge, internet, lights, charged phones and camera battery - all the benefits of electricity!
- sitting in a café, drinking coffee and eating toast for breakfast, several hours after getting up, reading my Bible and feeling blissfully cool for the first time since we got here
- Mike's driving and practical abilities

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