Hey How Ya Doing....

We took a little promenade up to the allotment for my happy time. 

A mousy had been in to our Peas and eaten three.  Oh I was so sad.  I wanted to pick them all now, but Si says "no". 

Everything else was looking splendid - even the path, and the berries.  But we had one even more massive disaster. 

Something had eaten half of the french beans. 

Si quickly got some net and we covered up the half which hadn't been eaten.   The funny thing was - the tops were still in one piece so I think they will be okay. 

In other news... Bean didn't come home this morning... didn't come home at lunchtime ( I came specially home to check) ... But Si text me with happy photo at tea time.

she was home.  Exhausted.   She's sleeping off her heavy night now. 

Be enthralled with the extra photos - my half chewed beans... and my beautiful sweetcorn. 

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