Lost in Thought

By steveng

Fading Away

We've been helping a friend tidy up her house as her furniture & possesions were packed up for storage.  She has lived there for 19 years so it must have been strange to see everything vanishing into the removal truck and the house becoming an echo chamber as time went by. The new owners will have moved in by now and will no doubt be  deciding what to do with the rooms. 

Our friend is away to Devon (Barnstaple) and will be staying with one of her sons in the short term while she is looking for somewhere to buy.

As the removal people were clearing the shed, I came across this dead and fading butterfly, along with a few other expired insects, caught between the window and the curtain.   Sad to see it in this state but I liked the way the sunlight has faded one wing almost to transparent leaving the other still coloured.  Photographed from outside so as not to get in their way.

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