Pretty maids all in a row

This is one of the four peony bushes that I have tended for years. This one smells delightful, as you walk up to the house the perfume follows you.  Such magnificent blooms!

The others are two cerise, and one pale pink that makes double blooms. I love them all . but the white one has a special appeal, not sure what I'm reacting to but it is probably the inner glow, the way it seems to exude light. (This is a cheat blip, as the only pictures I took today were on Keith's phone and he wants them for his blip!!)

We were in such good time taking our guests to the airport . that we had time to walk on the delta for a while. Peaceful and expansive as always.  We picked up a couple of drink cans that someone had dumped, otherwise it was litter free. Which is a treat!

Travellers delivered we went to the shopping centre to look for  a few things - a metal fan to stand on the wood burning stove to waft the heat around more, for example. Only one in the shop, so we'll wait to have a bit of choice. Found a rain water butt, and some linen thread (second hand for pennies) that I will use in book-binding.

Then we were lured into spending time in the camper van showroom,  just for a look round. We were leaving empty-handed and the salesman wondered if we had seen anything we liked. We  said we were probably looking for a VW Caddy Maxi, and they didn't have those.  Oh  yes, we do have one!  So we have been pondering the purchase of their own one,  which they are replacing. It's in for a service so we haven't seen it in the flesh yet  but it sounds promising.

Rose invited us to  share the family's evening meal,  based around Japanese noodles. It was very tasty and we got to meet  people we know and love,   and to watch a 9 and a  13 year old doing a gymnastics  show. It was such a lovely evening  of  intelligent conversation,  fun,  laughter,  Swedish and English changing back and forth. If we hadn't been there we might have been at an outdoor concert of folk music with other friends.

I feel so grateful for these easy contacts,  for the generosity of friends,  for people making the time to travel to see us in our northerly location,  for the marvels of the garden,  the fresh air I breathe, the love that is all around me. 

I wish the spacer  bar on my computer  would stop making many spaces  when I only want one, but otherwise life is  good!

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