All part of the story

By Treshnish


Back into the swing.  Well almost.  Remember - it is important to bend like a reed in the wind...because you never know what the day will bring...

AS had difficulties with the ferries (following on from the issues yesterday and unfortunately being wrongly advised on the pier).  She ended up having to leave her car in Oban so I went to collect her and Rosie the dog this afternoon.  

Spirits were raised on a visit to the shop when I was unexpectedly given a box of my favourite Kombucha as a thank you for something I didn't feel needed thanking, but I was persuaded to accept, which I did - with pleasure! 

This evening AS cooked us a delicious beetroot and chick pea curry from the new Green Roasting Tin cookbook which took a lot longer than expected, as we hadn't noticed the Everhot had gone into night mode.  

I didn't get down into the field we call Wigwam 1 to photograph the flowers, so here is an EB of the Alchemilla mollis that has self seeded all over the yard. 

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