Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


this conversation
will stay with me a long time
deeply personal

François is an ex-colleague. I hadn't heard from him since he went on sick leave at the end of 2015. I had tried several times to send him texts and emails to know how he was but after a few months he stopped answering them.

On Wednesday I thought of him and tried again. I told him about the changes in my life and that I was in hospital. He answered very quickly, giving news and saying that he would come to visit me.

I had a wonderful time. He stayed almost two hours and we talked of many things, from "wartime" memories (it's how we allude to our. experience in the company where we were colleagues) to what has happened to us since. I had missed our heart-to-heart conversations and I was so glad we immediately delved in profound topics. We're both listeners and talkers (when we're perfectly at ease with the person in front of us). Imagine the conversation!

I took this portrait just before he left. Minutes later, nurses knocked on the door: they were after my blood! Apparently I'm low on potassium and iron. They're giving me pills (yay! more pills!) for it.

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