Floors and heavens

Had a nice chat with AR this morning as she showed me her new poster - she thinks Mercury is prettiest, wants to go to Mars and knows which one she lives on....!
Set off to look at flooring. Thought I got something sorted but I suspect I'll downgrade a bit - I don't need something that's going to stay perfect for 25+ years! Nice breakfast at 12 Triangles and bought a delicious loaf of sourdough bread (bang goes my diet again!) which I then picked at all day.
Home and sorted out my shoes onto a new rack and packed up all the old shoeboxes and then cleared out a wardrobe to take stuff to the charity shop. Took a walk down to John Lewis to have a browse of flooring and potential birthday presents but no luck - at least it built up my step count for the day!.
A phoned - she's going to come up here on the train on Tuesday and then we can go and see another wedding venue and have a couple of days' holiday together then will drive down on Friday for the next stage of holiday.
Watched Diane Keaton film 'Hampstead' in the evening....a gentle one

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