By Green56

Silly Saturday

Thursday I decided to try putting gravel around the tree to deter the wretched cat that has been messing there for the past couple of months. This morning I woke up to the mess on the left collage picture and knew I needed to have one last try as of Monday I can't clear it up as I won't be able to bend. I realise the gravel must have been like cat litter, it never minded digging up plants either. I remember evolybab saying holly works. Well the only holly I've got is plastic and its a Christmas decoration so I got it out and have put it round the base of the tree. Chris told me some plants cats don't like so I bought some trailing geraniums and coleus. I've put tea bags with olbas oil down, and covered everything in cat repellant stuff. Collage on the right it looks lovely and hope its like this in the morning. Since I put photo 1 on our estate facebook site my neighbours have said they will clear any mess. 

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