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By Sallymair

Postman Pat

I passed this post van which was sitting by the side of the road today, and had to give it a second look. Somebody has a good sense of humour
I also realised that the Royal Mail employee who drives this van probably watched Postman Pat as a child and has perhaps fulfilled his childhood dream by doing the job he is doing. I guess the only way to tell for sure is by finding out if he has a cat called Jess! Definitely right for Silly Saturday. Thanks to Admirer for hosting.
I was in town early today for an appointment and walked to and from Lauriston Place from the West End which gave me a good start steps wise.
This afternoon C and I walked into Stockbridge, stopped at Café Florentine for a cup of tea, which was very nice - the only disappointment was the jam they served which was a little, aluminium prepacked portion. The real thing is so much nicer. We then walked back along the walkway to Roseburn and up onto the cycle track and home almost 7 miles. I just wish they would repair the Dean Village section, it's been blocked off for years now.
We had a take away Chinese meal this evening and jolly nice it was too.
22102 steps today, almost 10 miles.

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