Silly Saturday: Meccano Robot!

On the spur of the moment, having remembered that Beamish Open-Air Museum was having a 1950s weekend (including a Meccano exhibition), we decided to go to look round. It's about 2 years since we were last there so it seemed sensible to go anyway as we knew they're part way through building a 1950s zone and we've been wanting to see what they were up to (actually there's only a small part built as yet).

The Meccano exhibition was certainly one of the highlights, and gave me the chance to take my Silly Saturday photo of this rather daft but also rather clever Meccano robot. (It took me back to my teenage years when I built a model trolley bus which could power itself across the floor actually picking up its electricity from overhead wires - and also reminded me of a buggy I built with a friend which could find its way across a room towards a light source. Happy days - I must get the Meccano out again sometime!)

I've added an extra which is also rather silly - a 1950s way of producing a "large-screen" tv: Somehow I doubt that it was very successful!

Needless to say I took quite a lot of photos, so I've put some of them into a Google photo album if you want to take a look. I even got the chance to grab a shot of a very friendly robin which came looking for crumbs on an outdoor table when we stopped for a coffee, so I've included that in the album.

As always, many thanks to admirer for hasting Silly Saturday.

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