By spannarama

BP Portrait Award

More office moving today - but not into my new office yet, unfortunately.  The cabling's not been done yet, so I've found myself a dusty desk in the basement and have set up camp there for next week.

Got all hot and sweaty doing that, then hot-footed it over to Charing Cross, to meet Lizzie for the BP Portrait Award exhibition.  It was in a much better space this year - and pleasingly quiet and cool.  Nice!  This was one of my favourite paintings - it's of the artist's daughter, and the foil blankets represent his wish to protect her from everything.  Also, it's shiny!

We spent quite a while going round the exhibition, then went to a pub round the corner for drinks and food, and much chatting.  So lovely to have a proper long catch up.  Walked back to Charing Cross with Lizzie, said goodbye and jumped on my train - and Tim came and met me at the station.

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