I went out for a little wander with Leo and he found out just how much he has grown by trying out every kids playground we passed. He had loads of fun on all these when he was younger - I was just glad he could escape all the bits he wangled himself into.

We faced the trauma of the uniform shop earlier in the day. Had to go for a restorative cuppa afterwards... It is always a painful experience but this time was worse than ever. There was a family - daughter, mum, grandma - who all shouted at each other at top volume the whole time so you couldn’t hear anyone else. I thought they’d all had a falling out initially but then realised this was just the way they chatted to each other.

The whole shop soon knew exactly what they were looking for and what their plans were for the rest of the day. I could have done without their underwear and personal finances discussions. The most terrifying bit was hearing they needed a Cully blazer - so the daughter will be heading Leo’s way. The whole school may need ear protectors unless she manages to tone it down.

At least a I managed to pick up the few new bits I needed for Leo next year - so I won’t need to go near the place again for a long while!

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