By iamwillproject

Building bridges...

As I see it, the preponderance of social media platforms hype a brave new world egalitarian to openness and collaboration, encouraging it’s users to post up a storm to their heart’s content. [*In my opinion] all too often, I can’t help but feel as though the vast majority of the world wide web’s social media users are merely engaged in popularity contest fueled by pettiness. Although the @instagram & @Twitter type applications no doubt can serve a worthy purpose... personally, I’ve been on the hunt for a much less “winner-take-all”, “command-and-control” daily online sharing experience to balance the web’s undeniably predominant Corporate culture.

Over time... I sincerely hope my character & integrity, overall competence, and sincere caring nature might ultimately be revealed in some small manner by my daily actions online. In a micro web-based world, the right words often coupled with down-to-earth imagery shared at the right moments may very well spark conversations and build bridges between people. And that my friends is “why I Blip”. Grateful to @Blipfoto & the tireless efforts of those community members volunteering behind the scenes for the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Let’s build bridges.

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