Sarcasm - the cutting edge

Not a bad day today, but tho' it started off sunny it grew cloudier as the day went on. Hope to avoid the St Swithin's curse though.

I went down to Hodge's timber yard just outside the town to buy some timber to make up a couple of planters to sit out on the deck. It also got me away from the house as a neighbour was having a dead, pollarded sycamore taken down. Quiz question - what do you call a man with a chainsaw, wearing a helmet and visor to be fair, but whose mate is unprotected and stands in front of the chainsaw while the trunk is being cut. He also fells the tree straight through the hedge into the Queen's Highway and drives away leaving the broken hedge and sawdust all over the road? 

Anyway, enough of the sarcasm. I chose the timber and borrowed a saw to cut it small enough to get in the car, saving the £15 delivery charge. These days they don't cut the wood for you, of course. Health and Safety decrees that they lend you a saw and make you do it yourself so you can't sue them if they do it wrong! Did I just say 'enough of the sarcasm'? 

Anyway, a bit of trellis from Homebase and I hope I'll have the boxes made soon enough to plant the bargain sweet peas I bought the other day, also from Homebase - ten pots for a pound with at least 6 sweet peas in each.  

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