Working out in the green gym.

It's hard work to be honest, ripping up lupins by their roots and carting them off the garden to be hidden in the forest. It's hot work even when there is no sun, and it's not always certain that it makes much of a difference. I removed many barrow loads of greenery (and saplings, there are so many little trees trying to take over the world!) and I think you can see a bit of a difference, but only if you knew what it looked like before. It still looks pretty wild and uncared for! As you can see in the blip.

This is the bank of flowers and greenery nearest the house, just past the front door. We see it when we sit outside and eat breakfast and there are planted flowers as well as things that have just floated in on the breeze. The orange lilies are self seeded, the pink ones began as a couple of plants given to us - and now are all over the place looking stately. The lupins are so beautiful, big and bonny and unashamed - but also taking over the whole garden if we don't rip them up. So we do, mostly me to be honest so it will be my shoulders that are aching tonight! Keith will be aching all over as he's been gutting grass and carting it away all day. 3 weeks of neglect!

The promised rain hasn't arrived as yet, but it feels like it will soon be here. The sky is a blanket of grey and the insects all came out whenever the wind dropped, fortunately there was a fresh breeze most of the day and I think I escaped the worst of the blood-letting. A quick shower to get rid of the pollen, sweat and dust and I'm ready for the evening's entertainment. Nothing planned but we usually come up with something!

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