By snailspace

Oh, no you don't!

We set off quite late to walk Nell today (Prime Day having absorbed our attention for a while). It was warm and sunny but I took time to note that I must be acclimatising - I never thought that I would see a day when I found low-to-mid-twenties to be pleasantly cool! The weather forecast was giving a high of 27 degrees today and we must have been nudging towards that by the time that we set off as it had been 22 degrees when we woke up.

Dusty was lying in wait for us up the chemin and had clear intention to come along but after several recent episodes of over-heated cat, we thought it best to capture him and return him to the cool of the house. I may have been more relaxed abut the heat myself but I was more than  happy to let Mr L do the extra walking whilst Nell and I awaited his return.

This all serves to remind me that I began writing a blog post about Dusty's walking adventures a week ago and have yet to complete and publish it. Must get around to that.

Dusty has been with us a year now - he joined us on July 13th. Now he is outside so much I find it difficult to grab a shot, otherwise there would have been a "birthday" post a couple of days ago. I really wanted a good photo of him to collage with a shot from Day 1

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