Steve Kirkham

By SteveKirkham


Last year when we got rid of our old suite I kept the footstool. It is leather and the top opens for storage.

Earlier this year, I took the lid off and filled the base with compost and scattered some seeds. They all flourished, but, they all ended up being bigger than I expected. As I've said before, we live on a very windy corner, so it's made a right bugger of them. It didn't look good at all.

So I had a rethink. I've stripped all the plants out, added a bit more compost, and planted some alpines. The big bit at the back came from and old bird bath that we had in the fairy garden which started to fall apart so Beloved got rid of it.

It all looks a bit sparse at the moment, but the Sedum, the little green bits, will take root and spread over the next 12 months while the rest, Sempervivum and Ajuga will provide little focal points, similar to the old bird bath which was done a couple of years ago.

Well that's the plan anyway.

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