Return to the North

By Viking

1969 was a moontastic year

It was also the year my little sis was born 

Lots of stuff on this week about the moon landings both on TV and at school, so when sis spotted this out the window and I realised I didn't have a blip - a moon it was to be!

There are very few things of a daredevils nature that I would wish to ever do but I really would pay money to go up in a spacecraft and see the earth from orbit. it would just be awesome. And every time i see the gorgeous moon i think of that.

today I am also thankful for the kindness of strangers. Too long a story to give in detail but I lost my iPhone in Tesco and bless them, some kind person actually handed it in. it was nearly the second heart attack in two days (the first, yesterday because of the amazing cricket match) I actually cried when the woman at customer services gave it me back as I truly thought I had no chance of seeing it again.

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