By Beckett


.... well our first day in Vienna was designed around the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace with history dating back to 1569. 

What a sight - and our decision to go with the "girls" wish to explore the section specifically designed for kids was a sound one. Firstly the line up for entry to the main section massive, and the fun the girls we all had proved the right decision. 

Most of the History was explained, there were dress ups for all and what fun the girls had.

We then explored the massive gardens which were scattered with all types of statues etc etc..

The Gloriette stands at the top of the "hill", and although destroyed in the War was reconstructed by  1947 and again as it is now in 1995. 
The Neptune Fountain stands in front.

We also had fun in the number of mazes in one section of the gardens.

At the main entrance it gives a taste of what's to come...

Oh, and girls and boys if you wish to know how to utilise your "fan" check this out!

After a long and actually quite warm day we ended up back in Vienna and found this super burger place.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE and if time other pics here on Flickr Vienna Day 1

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