I was awake just after 3 a.m. - got up at 4 and spent a while catching up on journals - then around 5:30 went out with Finlay for an hour.

On our way the sky was a lovely mix of colours and cloud shapes. There was even a sun-dog - the little patch of rainbow colours towards the bottom left of the shot.

On the way back there was a lovely swallow - sitting on a phone wire basking in the sun. It stayed put as I walked right under the wire. Still had to make a severe crop to make it fill the frame! See extra

Went to the supermarket to stock up for the week - back home to continue the fabric stacking and packing. Yesterday Mrs madwill brought home some fabric that has to be cut into little ‘plant pot’ shapes - they will feature on this year’s C*******s project for her TV show in a couple of weeks. 

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