Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Mule Train

I've blipped the mule train before ( ) but today we passed the leader out on his own, although we've seen the full train a couple of times while we've been here. It's an essential part of life, as it is the only way that building materials can be carried up among the steps and lanes to some of the renovation sites. The mules are well looked after and I'm told using the mule train is far from cheap!

As it's our last full day here I've added more extras; a couple of the derelict buildings along the Kali Strata which I've rather cheekily tagged for Derelict Sunday although as they aren't the main shot I'll fully understand if they aren't considered, and a couple of harbour shots taken this morning. The camera is now being packed along with all the dirty washing so tomorrow's shots and blip will all be from my phone!

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