By karenmace25

southend museum

a scorching hot day today! And we currently have my nephew staying with us for a few days as his school broke up last week - his parents who are teachers are still hard at work at their schools!

So a trip to Southend for some crazy golf - which I won by 1 shot!! - and then we decided to head to Southend museum which we shamefully rarely visit, and had a lovely time exploring the exhibits! The artifacts they found surrounding the saxon king they discovered nearby when digging up the area to widen a road were astonishing and they also had a display featuring the sunken relics from the London ship that mysteriously blew up just off Southend Pier in 1665.  It was a 76 gun ship and they have one of the cannons on display and it was so interesting! Time to get my history head back on and do some more research! Even my nephew enjoyed it... so he says!

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