By Rei_Miller

My father is gone

Sirohozy (Sérohozi), Kherson Oblast, Ukraine | Nokia Asha 200.

My father is gone, we didn't expect it. He was 68 years old.

On the morning of July 1, he fell near our house (this could be due to high blood pressure) and hit his head on the pavement. ((

My mother was not at home then, neighbours called for an ambulance. The medical team arrived, they bind dad's wounds, they said that everything was not so scary and won't need stitches.

They offered him to go to the hospital, but he refused, he signed a refusal to hospitalize. Unfortunately, the paramedics didn't insist. Then they helped the dad to go home, on the fourth floor!

My mom was able to return only at two in the afternoon. The dad was conscious, he said that he felt more or less normal and went to bed.

An hour or two my sister came to my parents, my father was worse, he did not feel the right side of the body and could no longer speak. They immediately called for an ambulance, the same medical team arrived. As it turned out, for the first time, paramedics did not even measure the dad's pressure and did not pay attention to several critical symptoms.

That same evening, the neurosurgeon made his father trepanation of the skull, then the doctors introduced him to a medicated coma. He was said to have sustained a clot on the brain that rendered him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. The specialists' forecast was very bad (severe cerebral contusion, subdural hematoma).

On the second, third day, the condition of his father did not improve, but on the fourth day, July 4, he died.

Friends, forgive me for not answering your questions for a long time. ((
I needed to take a breather and to gather my thoughts. Clive, Veronica, Miffy, Miranda, Bunty, Ceridwen, Scribbler, Arteegeedee, PamelaJ, Dollykgray, thank you for all kind words, for your concern!

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