It's tiny and I don't know what it is before it really opens, but I think it's a relative of the marigolds. For Tiny Tuesday with thanks to Osuzanna for hosting.

Had a real scare today, my laptop is acting up, touchpad is not reacting correctly and I thought it might have to do with too many dust and crumbs on the keyboard, so I held the laptop upside down and gently but firmly tapped on the bottom. When I turned the laptop up again the display was all black ... Switching on and off didn't help and of course it had been weeks since I backed up ! DJ suggested trying with another display screen and while I went to the boys' rooms to get one the display finally started working again. Obviously the first thing I did was backing up ! Must find out what is ailing the laptop. Just as well I did my restoring of an old photo of my maternal grandparents on a day out at Scheveningen beach in 1923 on the iPad with Snapseed, see the extra, weren’t they cute, they were still courting then !

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's mono :-)

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