Promise kept

It rained hard in the night, and carried over into the day as well. I had made a promise to myself that the first rainy day would see me doing a Marie Kondo on my wardrobe. You know, the tidy and throw away lady, if it sparks joy keep it. I can report that I find joy in most things I have in my wardrobe!

I have a pile of discarded items for the charity shop and some more piles to offer to friends who may or may not be pleased. I have separated out the clothes that spark joy but don't fit at the moment, and saved a few items for the cloth with a view to sewing when the new sewing machine arrives. I ordered it on the web yesterday and expect it to arrive in the week. Fingers crossed that it does the job.

So, I spent most of the day in and out of the walk in closet. In the sloping eaves of older Swedish houses you often find an "alcove" which is often used as a bedroom or a closet. We have one each, they swallow a lot of things and you don't have to clutter up the rooms with wardrobes. The only photo I took today was this one of a freshly cut bloom.

I am feeling the spark of joy a lot when I look at the peonies! Marie Kondo would not be thrilled by my lack of chucking away, but I really like all the things I wear... almost all... She would love the incredible order that now exists in the closet though! (talk about a first world problem)

Following developments with the Racist in Chief, and his acolytes in the UK I am heartened by the reaction of the four women singled out to be "sent back" if America isn't to their liking - and with the fact that Mrs May seems to have located her moral backbone and called him out. Corbyn says plainly that he's a racist. Shameful words from one quarter, and truthful ones from another.

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