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By Sallymair


This is Mary,  she's a bit of an emergency blip tonight as I just realised I've failed to ' click ' at all today! Mary,  was part of my birthday present from C and I love her.  I 'd seen and admired her in a coffee shop /studio/gallery well known to at least one other Edinburgh blipper and C had gone back later and bought her for me. She is yet to find a permanent spot, but her colouring is perfect for the lounge so at least I know which room she is going to live in!
Today started well with a phone call to say my polo had passed her MOT test.  I went round to A's to drop off a couple of things, the house is really coming together,  the bath is in and the tiler was there today.  All the skirting boards are in and ready for carpets to be fitted upstairs on Thursday. It's looking really good.
Back home and C gave me a lift down to Restalrig to pick up my car. I stopped off in Leith Walk on the way back for a wander and a coffee in Word of Mouth in Albert Street.  Small, but good food and they roast their own coffee!
Back home I got stuck into finishing off my first batch of blackcurrant jelly, this was entirely from blackcurrants from the garden. I then made yesterday's Craigie strawberry pick into jam.  Not content with that I then got the Craigie lot of blackcurrants cooked and set dripping overnight.
Not enough steps today, 6964  but a day off so that's ok.

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