By Hotmandarins

Hayling Island

Southampton again, week 9.

Was up at 5,15, taxi to the airport and then through security.  The flight was on time, but we sat on the tarmac while they sorted our bags and added some more ballast.  Ballast turned out to be the concrete slabs that are used with temporary fencing - they added five of them to the cargo hold at the back.

Some of the Valet bags ended up in the cargo hold, and there was some upset people when we got off, one of who was shouting at the ground staff.  Unfortunately when we got on the bus (and she got in the front with the driver) his microphone was on so we heard her ranting and raving to the driver about being shouted at.  At least there weren't any swear words involved!  Someone soon shouted that he should turn the microphone off.

Greek taxi driver this morning on our trip from the airport to the client site - he insisted on cracking bad jokes until we had to give up guessing about anything he said and assume it was another joke.

Busy days work, though a little directionless.

Went with a colleague to Hayling Island after work to take photo of stacked stones.  He'd picked that as the topic for the work photography competition after he won last month, so we headed out to the beach to see what we could come up with.  A few are in the extras.

Had fish and chips on the beach surrounded by hungry seagulls before walking back to the car and checking into my hotel.  

Got to my room, the key didn't work.  Back down to reception, back to my room and the key still didn't work but beeped differently.  Finally let me in at the third attempt!

The main blip is the view of the Spinnaker Tower and Portsmouth from Hayling Island beach.

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