By PicturePoems

No blood till the moon rose

The nurse had three stabs at getting blood out of me this morning - all failed. So I shall have to go back another day. My veins hide well and there's usually only one that stands a chance of giving up the red stuff, so I did feel a bit sorry for her. She was nobbut young and on her own all week. It's my annual test so another few weeks won't be crucial.

The day improved as I cleaned the car, cooked a new dish for lunch, which was very tasty, and later went for my first sea-swim of this summer - happily with no signs of jellyfish.

Finally, when the moon rose at about ten past nine, we walked down the road, away from streetlights to watch the earth's shadow partially eclipse the blood moon. (To begin with it was partially eclipsed by cloud, but luckily that diminished enough for us to see the earth's curve.)

If you look closely at the left-hand image, you might just make out thin coral-coloured lines in the sea palely reflecting the moonlight.

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