Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Up too early ...

If you read my blip of last evening, you'll know I was insanely late after coming home to cook dinner about 9pm - in fact, I didn't put out the light till almost two in the morning. This photo was taken at 5.30am, when I was hanging out of the window with my camera after only three and a half hours' sleep - joined, I may add, by Mr PB with his camera! We did go back to bed, but I found real sleep quite elusive until just before it was time to get up again ...

I fear today may have been the last of the lovely days for a while; I've just poked my head out as I locked up and it's been raining slightly. Actually it's rather lovely - still and damp and scented. I've enjoyed my day - uploading photos from yesterday, going a walk with my pal and finishing off loose ends from my week away - but I feel I've wasted quite a lot of time.

Will I ever feel content simply to waste time?

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