On the road...

By johnsmiley1321


A rough day on the highways in Seattle... At one point it took me 2 hours to go 25 miles..  I finally got my window replaced on my Honda. The had to special order the seal for the window. I then headed over to the local fish hatchery as I know there are birds there..

I was so happy NOT to have my Nikon with me today. I have tried many time to photograph birds under the eves and such but with no luck as its just to darn dark. So with my point and shoot I first tried in auto mode and no luck. Time for something drastic.. 1600 ISO, 1/60 at the 35mm equivalent of 1054mm Hand Held and I got this shot. Yes I know it's a little blurry but its a moment I'll never forget. In the extra I posted a collage of a few cropped shots - Capturing a moment is always more important than perfection...

Headed to Portland tomorrow 

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