Life through the lens...

By ValC

The end of the line.

This doesn’t do the wild flowers justice, so have also added an extra of a closeup of the flowers.
This is all that is left of the old railway, which back in the 1930’s , took visitors to Golden. Acre Park , Leeds, round the lake.
Beautifully planted with wild flowers, which looked stunning today.

What enjoyable time we have spent with Jennie, our youngest granddaughter.
As well as a walk round the park, we visited Adel Dam and the woods, managed by Yorkshire Wildlife.
Unfortunately no sign of the Kingfishers, but we did see nuthatches, woodpeckers, ducklings, various tits. Also several squirrels, one which decided to try and climb into the hide! Poked its head through the open window as I was taking a photo.
Quickly got shooed out.

We sat out on the terrace for lunch, and then went to look at the flower beds and vegetable plots.
Back home and it was Magnums all round.

A very warm day with lots of sunshine. 25C.
Just started raining. The garden needs it.

Tagged it for wide Wednesday as I regard these wild flowers as a real treasure.

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