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Jungle on our Doorstep

It was my last day at work today, hurrah!  To celebrate we walked at Paxton Pits, a Nature Reserve.

As well as the notices which instructed visitors on the habits of nightingales, much of whose habitat is grown at this reserve, we met an older gentleman who was waiting for a group of "U3A" visitors.  He was very interesting, having been a teletype operator on his national service, and then a typesetter for the OUP.  I found out from him about an Indian genius described in a book (and film) called The Man who knew Infinity.

When eventually we managed to start our walk it was great to see how lush were the trees and undergrowth.  This group of trees is thronged with cormorants and several more were on dead branches over the water or in the water swimming.  I hadn't realised that they swam, thinking that they dived into water for their food but then emerged to fly away.

What a great place!  I'm a member of the Wildlife Trust for this area, so we'll have to go back – often.

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