By CarolineJay


We're away this week staying in the same cabin as last year, and we've again hung feeders on the hedge outside the windows to attract all sorts of visitors. These two were taken through the window this morning - a young Greater Spotted Woodpecker, and a Jay (my sort-of-namesake) in the Extra. There has been a lot of traffic all around the hedge which also attracted a young Sparrowhawk the other day, though it didn't manage to catch anything, and had gone before I could grab the camera.

Thanks to all who have been visiting and generously commenting and giving hearts and stars over the last few days. Much appreciated, and apologies for my lack of replies or other engagement. We're completely distracted by waiting for the worst news about my dear brother-in-law who is in the very final stages of the terminal cancer he's been living with for the last seven and a half years  - the last three of them beyond all the prognoses he was originally given. We knew it was coming, but he made it seem impossible. Although we're in a beautiful and peaceful place, my heart is breaking for my sister and their children and grandchildren, so it's going to be a while until I can give more attention to my Blipfriends.

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