One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Free market rulz, ok

On a depressingly overcast morning*, we visited the local weekly market. Luca was brave and coped with it for just over half an hour. But you needn't be on the spectrum to find the whole experience on the overwhelming side of intense. Tens of thousands of grannies (possibly trillions?) let loose, in a very darwinian arena of heat, canvas, cardboard boxes and white Ford Transit vans. 
They are allowed to roam free and touch, poke, probe, taste, feel, sniff, stretch, caress, weigh and very seldom buy any of the tat on display. 

I was lucky to spend a bit longer than Luca there, and shoot from the hip.
Without being touched, poked, probed, tasted, felt, sniffed, stretched, caressed or weighed. But at times it was a very close call... 

* mostly for Mrs Raheny, I knew that in the afternoon we'd get more sun than we can cope with... 

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