The Way of Colour

By Beachcomber149

Passing the Beacon

16.8C with cloud and sunny spells. Moderate SW/WSW breeze.

After lunch Fergus and I went for a walk out to the old shipyard.There were some yachts coming in. Other than that we were just glad to be out in the light again. We stopped on the way back and had a seat and watched things going by on the water. When I say we had a seat, Fergus was up on the bench sitting beside me and leaning in. He likes that.

On the Clip while walking:
Podcast of BBC Radio4's Digital Human in which Aleks Krotoski explores the digital world:
Last episode series 17. Between. We have evolved to recognise the boundaries of personal space. But how do we navigate it in a digital world, where the triggers that we’re used to interpreting are invisible? (Badly, it seems).

Podcast of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs with Lauren Laverne:
Marcus Wareing, chef.

Afternoon music ... BBC Radio Scotland. BBC Radio 2.

DC-TZ90  f/6 1/400 sec. ISO-80 62mm (35mm focal length 375mm)

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