By intothehills

Lots of Lacs

Early out, and on the first lift up to Plan Praz, then off across to Le Flegere. 
I was very surprised, but also very happy to find Le Index running as its not supposed to be, the nice chap let me jump on, so a quick ride up to 2400m. All of which meant I could do the lovely high level traverse that clients and crowds don't do.
I did see some ibex trotting across a snowfield, but once they hit the rocks they vanished, they're amazingly well camouflaged for a big animal. In extras is my first sunbathing marmot of the summer.
Then across and up to Lac Blanc, but I prefer there earlier in the season, already too many people and the water turning grey... So off to the place guides go to avoid the crowds, Lacs des Cheserys, à much better bet. 
The ankle has been good, but the stupid niggly knee twinge just won't settle, so a long bath in a really rather 'refreshing' lake was called for, because next it was 1200m of descent to Argientierre. It helped, but the descents will be fun the next two weeks. I'm using fun in the classic British sense of 'not at all fun'. Extra 2 it the one I didn't paddle in. 
Still just weakness leaving the body and all that..... 

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