By Number147

Art Therapy?

I found Art Therapy very stressful. My favourite 99 year old and volunteer, John, were possibly the only ones that particularly enjoyed themselves.

For me, it was a just a big mess with paint getting everywhere and a queue for the loo (to wash hands) afterwards.

Then a member seemed to think that there had been an explosion at home and he was desperate to see his mother and to check his wife was ok. There was no reassuring him and he went on and on. I had to move him into the garden with a support worker and eventually he calmed down.

Later, I called his wife who told me that he had been up most of the night worrying about his parents. I suggested he may have a UTI and she said he hadn't mentioned it. Give me strength!    

It has been very hot and muggy. It rained heavily overnight but not enough to clear the air.

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