Marking Time

By Libra

Fit 4 Life

After our weekly 45 minute workout in the gym – we are all on NHS referrals- we retreat for coffee to discuss our progress, or lack of it in my case.
A recurrent theme is that the NHS have introduced this scheme to get us fit and they have a 12 week follow up to monitor our progress  which is then fed into a national research programme to see if it works.
But it needs some joined up thinking.
Most folk fall by the wayside once the 12 weeks are over.
We all agree that what is needed for the scheme Fit4Life to really work is to have constant monitoring every month.
That would help keep us all on track.
Meanwhile we have the next best thing: our own self-help group. But not everyone wants to share their health experiences with total strangers.
Thanks to Ingebog for todays challenge “intentional camera movement”.

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