Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Urban Dereliction

Not sticking with the ICM theme for Abstract Thursday today... I'm such a rebel.

So this is a Paulownia tree growing out of a window in a building in downtown Charlottesville, next door to Live Arts. I've blipped it before a couple of times, I think. Construction began on the building in 2007 and then the developer went bankrupt and progress ceased in about 2009 or 2010. Subsequently the site has changed hands, but still no progress. It sits there, an unfinished shell. But! I liked the trees growing out of the windows of the old bank building in front of the "new" building that was being attached to the bank building. And I liked their reflection in the shiny tile wall. And I thought a bit of fartnarkling would make it suit for AT.

I just noticed that the name of the app that I used on my phone has inserted itself as a tag without my typing it in there!  Whoa. Scary.

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