Real Life in America

Today as I made the last turn on the road to a customer I saw two men on opposite sides of the street - passed out or sleeping. I had a deadline to meet and seeing a few other people concerned about them, on their phones, I figured emergency services had been called. 

After I got things settled with the customer, I had noticed one police car had showed up and was probably waiting for backup. Sure enough a second police car came and 4 officers got out and appeared to have a discussion on what was to happen next. I also noticed one was pointing in my direction - my guess is they knew they were being recorded.

In the extra I show the sequence of events that followed. A foot on the leg and then the officer pulled the backpack off the resting gentleman. I know he has to protect himself but he then dumped the entire contents on the ground, sorted through it and put it all back in the bag. By this time the resting man was sitting upright. The officer then appeared to be running the resting mans name through a standard warrant check. As you can tell by the last photo, another officer came over and they appear to arrest him. I say appear because..

Both officers walked the resting gentleman around the corner away from my camera. I didn't see those three again. With two officers remaining, one took a defensive stance behind the front police car and the other hopped into the other car, drove past me, did a u-turn, looked right at me, appeared to write info down on a piece of paper, went back to the other officer, exchanged something and then they took off. Of course I'm only writing what I saw but I wondered what really happened to that resting man.

Oh and that man in the main photo? I was told by another bystander that he had seen him before in this area. All I know he was still in that position when I left. The officers never even walked over to him..

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