One, two and three

Three large multi-hulls have finished the Transpac 2019 Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, and are tied up in Ala Wai Harbor.  You can easily spot them by looking for the tallest masts and three spread out hulls; all are Mod70 trimarans.  The first-to-finish is Argo, white, and moored farthest in, closest to the bridge.   Second-to-finish is PowerPlay Ltd, blue mast and hulls, moored in front of her.  And across the way, is the third-to-finish, Maserati, white with blue and red accents.
Argo has an elapsed time of 4 days 11 hours 20 minutes 32 seconds.  PowerPlay Ltd was only 29 minutes behind her after 2225 miles of racing!
The first monohull, Comanche,  is now expected in today at 21:38.  She is very distinctive in red and black.   We are planning to see her finish, so this entry might be changed.   She finished at 21:14 PM in the dark.   We mistook her masthead light for a helicopter, so dark, only a couple boats out to meet her .  Only saw the moon driving home, just barely a shape behind heavy clouds.   So, four boats in so far, all nite finishes.   Hope the next one is a day shot.  Winds forecast to drop slightly to about 20mph.

With the strong winds and moonlight, I really wanted to see Maserati finish.  When I went to bed, she was due in at 4:44 AM, so set the alarm about 3:15, expecting some time to be made up.  She finished at 3:56 AM, it must have been a beaut!   She was going faster (about 26 knots) than we could get down there, so we didn't even try.   And it was pouring rain!   Continued raining, but later turned into a sunny day.

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