Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Don’t be looking for sharks here in the Salish sea. “July Abnormally Wet System” is the term our NW weather guru , Cliff Maas, uses to describe this odd cloud covered and wet July. Which includes a very wet British Columbia. You can see rain as we are heading into active pass on the ferry....our island is a tad to the right but my weather app told me it was raining there. Actually we lucked out on the boatrip over with only a few drops and light wind. Til later. (Blowing like stink now after 9). Happy to be here tho and looking forward to visitors tomorrow!
Cliff Maas blog ( Is interesting if one is into atmospheric science.... apparently there is a very unusual ( strongest ever)summer jet stream high up above now. At least the fire danger is lower while JAWS is happening..

A word about the 10 dogs 2 days ago. I realized she was parked very close to an off leash area in the park under the freeway... so maybe headed there? Still, getting them all back and hooked up? And all that poop? Seems very daunting.

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