'n Kiekie 'n Dag

By Sanri


On the way home from work the lane was blocked by a trailer load of potatoes, which was lying next to the trailer. We had to reverse, turn around and take the long way home.

On the way to swimming we were slowed down by a family of red legged partridges running for their lives (probably with good reason) in the middle of the lane. One of the chicks tried twice to take off, but none of the others did, so he stuck to running. Another one tripped on a stone and bought a little piece of Wherstead. When they got to a part of the lane where the hedge is a bit lower the whole family took off and flew over into the field. Without any effort.

The result was that we were late for swimming. While in the pool we discovered that one of our swimming buddies lives in the village, so we had a chat about Christmas lights thieves. As a result only 76 lengths were swum.

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